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Re: emacs.app for GNUstep for debian

Gürkan Sengün <sengun@phys.ethz.ch> writes:

> Hello
>> > I plan to package emacs for GNUstep for Debian:
>> > http://emacs-on-aqua.sourceforge.net/
>> > Do you think we need to coordinate anything together?
> I have a first package here, if you can try and give hints/patches
> to improve it, that'd be cool. i haven't used any emacs things of
> debian yet.
> http://gnu.ethz.ch/debian/emacs/
> (it'll need gnustep-gui/back 0.9.5)

Err, from the Web site:

"The port is based on GNU Emacs 20.7, which is one behind the latest
version. Emacs 21 added mostly UI features, not core editing
functionality. The UI is nicer though and furthermore some Lisp
packages have started requiring Emacs 21. So there are plans to update
this port to version 21 once the 20.7-based version is fully
stabilized. Contact the developers to get involved."

-> it is based on a version of Emacs that Debian no longer supports

If you want to see Emacs for GNUstep in Debian some day, please talk to
emacs-on-aqua people and ask them to work for its inclusion in the
CVS trunk (there already exists a Carbon port).


Jérôme Marant

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