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Re: emacs.app for GNUstep for debian

Gürkan Sengün <sengun@phys.ethz.ch> writes:

> Hello


>> > I plan to package emacs for GNUstep for Debian:
>> > http://emacs-on-aqua.sourceforge.net/
>> > Do you think we need to coordinate anything together?
> I have a first package here, if you can try and give hints/patches
> to improve it, that'd be cool. i haven't used any emacs things of
> debian yet.
> http://gnu.ethz.ch/debian/emacs/
> (it'll need gnustep-gui/back 0.9.5)

Emacs has never been dependent on any desktop environment so far
(KDE, GNOME, XFCE) and current Emacs packages work fine on all
those environments.
So, I fail to understand how it should be different on GNUstep and
I doubt it is necessary to have a dedicated package.


Jérôme Marant

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