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Re: emacs-snapshot conflict recent cvs

Sébastien Kirche <sebastien.kirche.no@spam.free.fr.invalid> writes:

>> I'll have a look soon. I also have many changes from the current stable
>> packaging. Also, emacs-snapshot is now managed through Arch (tla or
>> bazaar).
> I have noticed your arch repository, but i have no clue how to use it.
> Am supposed to pick up the archive located in 
> /~jerome/arch/jerome@debian.org--2005/emacs-snapshot-debian/emacs-snapshot-debian--main/emacs-snapshot-debian--main--0/base-0 ?

Yes. It contains the current emacs-snapshot.

> Or maybe you could provide a pointer  to a piece of documentation to know ho
> to access your repository ?

It is not entirely operational. I'll provide something ASAP (ASAP == as time
permits :-) and I'll like to update it for the current CVS trunk.

> If arch/tla is involved, maybe i could use Matthieu Moy xtla Emacs module to
> access it ?

I think you could.

>> Cheers,
> Thank you Jérôme.

You're welcome.

Jérôme Marant


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