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Re: emacs-snapshot conflict recent cvs

Sébastien Kirche <sebastien.kirche.no@spam.free.fr.invalid> writes:

> Hi,


> I recently found that emacs-snapshot patch seems to be incompatible now with
> the Emacs CVS.

Thanks for the report! It's good to have reports ASAP since emacs-snapshot
is meant to be a preparatory work for the next stable release.

> Could someone  tell me if I  should look for a  problem in my  system, or if
> continuous  update of  Emacs  CVS could  have  produce files  that can't  be
> patched with emacs-snapshot ?

I'll have a look soon. I also have many changes from the current stable
packaging. Also, emacs-snapshot is now managed through Arch (tla or


Jérôme Marant


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