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Re: [Q]: Emacs CVS status

>>>>>  JM == Jérôme Marant [2004-5-18]

JM> Quoting "Davide G. M. Salvetti" <salve-evlas@debian.org>:
>> Moreover, please, keep in mind that at this moment emacs-snapshot isn't
>> very high in my auctex priority list.

JM> I'm sure it isn't that low. I'm sure you have already built auctex
JM> with a bleeding edge Emacs CVS in order to find potential problems
JM> with auctex ASAP.

No, I haven't.

You can be sure that I'm gonna do it before uploading auctex to any
distribution, or I will remove emacs-snapshot support.  However, for
this moment, there is no CVS auctex in any distribution (not even
experimental), and the packages one may find on gluck are unreleased
(thus one shouldn't use the BTS for them).

Of course, I welcome the brave souls who choose to install both
emacs-snapshot and the unreleased auctex packages to let me know of any
potential problem with auctex ASAP.

Salve, | GNU PG (GPG) Key ID: 9396865D
Davide | <http://www.linux.it/~salve/>

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