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Re: Re Xemacs needs help

Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> writes:
> > [Experimental, in its current form, is basically a ghetto of sorts:
> > not only is it not auto-built, but people by and large don't use it
> > unless they have some special interest in a package which they already
> > _know_ is in experimental, and there's something of an expectation that
> > packages there have problems of one sort or another.]
> Isn't that exactly the type of user that Emacs CVS should be targeting?

Um, no?

Emacs CVS is quite like debian unstable -- the name may sound scary to the
uninitiated, but the reality is a lot nicer.

If experimental were less dysfunctional, that'd be great, and perhaps
exactly the right tool, but ...

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  --Albert Einstein

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