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Re: Xemacs needs help

On 27 Feb 2004, jmarant@free.fr wrote:

> Quoting Uwe Brauer <oub@mat.ucm.es>:
> I guess what you want are backports of recent XEmacs packages.

I am not sure I understand and I also think this is important:

Xemacs official package system sometimes has been out of syn with 
the orginal package, like it is has been the case for auctex or they
even was not included like x-symbol. So it made some sense that debian
had there own solution.

Right now the Xemacs auctex part us uptodate (as a matter of fact I am
one of the maintainers)

X-symbols is now also an official xemacs package.

So it is no longer necessary to maintain this debian packages, besides
in the case of x-symbol they are completely out of date.

Could we please have a discussion about this point?
The official xemacs debian manager has not really replied to any of
these questions.

It seems that debian has some init file in which it sets its own
like smtpmail, sendmail (which cannot be found by locate-library) auctex.

I could look for them my own, but I think it would be best to have a 
uniform solution.

Uwe Brauer

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