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Re: Can't open perl files - error with cperl-mode(?)

>>>>> "Florian" == Florian Hinzmann <f.hinzmann@hamburg.de> writes:


I have no problem with my (X)Emacs and therefore can't reproduce the
error without some more information...

    Florian> This is an uptodate sid Debian system. I purged all emacs
    Florian> and emacs mode related packages I could find and
    Florian> installed xemacs21-gnome-nomule afterwards.

...and you hopefully have installed all dependent packages xemacs21-*
etc. and are not using some strange initialisation file?

    Florian> The Error:

    Florian> C-x C-f /foo/bar.pl gives me an error message and does
    Florian> not open the file. It does not matter wether that file
    Florian> exists or not.

So try to start `xemacs -vanilla' and look if the error still occurs,
try to open via the menubar, try `M-x find-file', try open other files
triggering other modes with syntax highlighting etc. Maybe that can
give a clue to what's wrong.


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