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Can't open perl files - error with cperl-mode(?)


I can't open perl files any longer. One note before I give
some more details: I am not an Emacs expert and I do not speak 
Lisp while I do have a general idea of programming concepts. Please
keep that in mind when making assumptions about what I did and
how I did it.  

This is an uptodate sid Debian system. I purged all emacs and 
emacs mode related packages I could find and installed 
xemacs21-gnome-nomule afterwards.

The Error:  

C-x C-f /foo/bar.pl gives me an error message and does not open
the file. It does not matter wether that file exists or not.

Some debugging output. After doing "M-: (setq debug-on-error t)" I get
the following:

> Signaling: (wrong-number-of-arguments (lambda (beg end) (let* ((modified (buffer-modified-p)) (buffer-undo-list t) (inhibit-read-only t) (inhibit-point-motion-hooks t) before-change-functions after-change-functions deactivate-mark buffer-file-name buffer-file-truename) (remove-text-properties beg end (quote (face nil))) (when (and (not modified) (buffer-modified-p)) (set-buffer-modified-p nil)))) 3)
>   signal(wrong-number-of-arguments ((lambda (beg end) (let* ... ... ...)) 3))
>   byte-code("..." [buf data kill-buffer signal] 3)
>   find-file-noselect("/tmp/alsdjf.pl")
>   find-file("/tmp/alsdjf.pl" nil)
>   call-interactively(find-file)

Opening a text file and starting perl-mode works (M-x <ENTER> perl-mode). 
When syntax hightlighting is activated and I start typing perl code
I do get a similar error as above.

I was on IRC in #emacs yesterday and got much help there from one
person. We tried loading several non-compiled files to make the
debugging output more useful, but with no results. That person assumed 
there might be a problem with font-lock. 

I have no idea what to do next. Any hints appreciated. I would be 
glad to give any more information. Just send me a mail and say what
might be helpful. 

   Looking forward for answers,


  Florian Hinzmann                         private: f.hinzmann@hamburg.de
                                            Debian: fh@debian.org
PGP Key / ID: 1024D/B4071A65
Fingerprint : F9AB 00C1 3E3A 8125 DD3F  DF1C DF79 A374 B407 1A65

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