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Re: Can't send mail with Gnus! :(

Jérôme Marant <jmarant@free.fr> wrote:

> OK. I guess you also periodicaly commit it in the Emacs CVS, right?

> > > - Hierachical folders : sorting mailboxes in different folders 
> > 
> > Procmail can do this, either into separate mail spools or directly into
> > MH folders.  I do the former, and have an xbuffy displaying the newmail
> > count of 17 different spool files.  Clicking on them makes MH-E read
> > the spool file in question.
> How are they displayed in MH-E? Only Speedbar is mentioned.

The speedbar in MH-E show the list of folders along with the number of
unseen message and total messages.  If you tell procmail to insert new
mail directly into MH folders, you could use the speedbar to navigate
the new messages.  Another method is `mh-index-new-messages' bound to
"F n" which will show a Folder-summary buffer displaying all new
messages in all folders.

I use neither of these because I like to have xbuffy display various
spool files which are only sucked into MH directories when I read them.

> > > - Mailing lists: when replying to the list, setting "To:" properly
> > >   as well as Mail-Followup-To
> > 
> > MH-E has this for the M-F-T and any other field you wish to set based on
> > who you are sending to.  I coded it.  Customize `mh-auto-fields-list'.
> > I'm not sure what you seem by setting the To: field.  There is a `reply
> > to all' command.
> Well, in Mutt, you can define a list of email addresses (the mailing
> list email addresses), and when you hit 'l' or 'L', it acts like a
> followup: it fills "To:" with the mailing list address (which was found
> in the list) but do not add posters to "Cc:" unlike followup.

I see.

> > > - Multiple personalities: sets of address+organisation+signature
> > >   and so on that you can switch on the fly
> > 
> > MH-E has got that.  I coded it.  See the second screenshot in 
> > http://mh-e.sourceforge.net/screenshots/
> > 
> > You can also set an identity as part of the  `mh-auto-fields-list' above.
> Is it possible to switch identity through a keystroke?

Yes.  There's the menubar, but there's also a keymap.

> > > - at least: POP, IMAP, Mbox and Maildir 
> > > (I must have forgotten many features)
> > 
> > Well, it's got to be MH style mail files.
> What does MH supports?

Depends on the implementation.  nmh creates MH directories and files
from regular spool files and from POP.  Mailutils mh handles IMAP AFAIK.


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