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Re: FYI: GNU Emacs Manual to be moved to non-free

On 14 May 2003 19:04:23 -0400, Thien-Thi Nguyen <ttn@glug.org> said: 

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
>     Some of the my most cherished expressions of my creativity are
>     the code that I write. I am appreciative of the mellifluous
>     cadence of contributory blocks building to the finale of the
>     result, to the elegant simplicity of transforming an abstract
>     alorithm into an enchanting dance of procedures and classes.

>     Are you suggesting that I distribute my code under terms that
>     barbarians could not destroy the enthralling buety of my code?

> that's easy to answer: what beauty you perceive no one can destroy
> but you.  whatever terms you choose for distribution are irrelevent,
> as well as whether or not you distribute at all, when it comes to
> beauty.

	So why does documentation need invariant sections? 

> i'll answer your questions anyway, disregarding the predicate:

>     what are you doing in a channel about free software?

> i'm here to study human beings and participate in the entertainment
> of myself and anyone who would waste time reading these words.

	I see. Since you are here not for serious discourse, or to
 improve debian, but merely for entertainment; I am wasting my time. 

>     why should documentation be different? Are you implying that my
>     code has less artistic value than some guys documentation?

> i'm sure you can think of reasons why documentation is qualitatively
> (and in the case of many volunteer projects, quantitatively)
> different than software.

	No. My thesis is that there is no unequivocal distinction. 

> if you want to burn down a straw man, go
> for it.  no better place to practice public speaking than in public.

	A dilettante. No, if you are merely trolling for amusement, I
 shan't feed you.


Chamberlain's Laws: The big guys always win. Everything tastes more or
less like chicken.
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