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Re: Debian bug-reporting using Emacs (was: x-symbol package...)

On 04 Nov 2002  Toby Speight <streapadair@gmx.net> wrote:

> 0> In article <878z0e8bme.fsf@mimuw.edu.pl>,
> 0> Janusz S. Bień <URL:mailto:jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl> ("Janusz") wrote:
> Janusz> Do I remember correctly that there is also an Emacs interface
> Janusz> to the bug tracking system?
> The package is "debbugs-el"; once it's installed, use M-x debian-bug.
> You may find the menu items useful (in particular, the Bugs menu to
> discover if a bug is already reported, and the Debian-Bug/Help menu
> for guidance on tags, severities, etc.).

Thanks. Perhaps emacs21 package should suggest it? 



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