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Re: emacs19 supported? what about emacs18?

Joerg Jaspert <joerg+Mailinglisten.Debian.Emacs@german.ath.cx> writes:

> Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> writes:
>> Is emacs19 supported?  I noticed emacs19 is only in stable, not
>> unstable, I'm not sure how to interprete that.
> Why do you need such an old emacs?

I'd like to make sure my elisp packages work under Emacs 19 since
there are many users that uses Emacs 19.

>> Any interest in having a emacs18 package?  The tarball is difficult to
>> build under debian, so having a package with the patches could be
>> useful for those that want to use emacs18.
> When do you need such an old thing?

Nostalgic reasons, mostly.  It is also quite small, compared to more
recent emacsen.

> Imo it is not worth the work and space it needs.

OK.  I'll take it as a project to learn the Debian package system and
package my emacs 18 tree (which works after patching), and just put
the packages somewhere.

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