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Re: replace-string on escaped character

On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 02:25, Gary Turner wrote:
> I'm embarrassed to ask this.  I'm guessing there is a simple solution
> that I am simply missing.  For whatever reason, a text file that I need
> to work on renders the apostrophe as \222 in emacs.  The file isn't
> large, about 3000 words, but the writer seems enamored of contractions
> and possessives.  There are a pot load of apostrophes.
> replace-string doesn't work, or I haven't properly described the object.
> Will someone please set me on the right path?

As Dan said, the \222 is one character.  You can enter it by typing 
"C-q 222 RET"; so "M-% C-q 222 RET RET ' RET" should work.

See also the node "Inserting Text" in the (Emacs) manual.

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