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Re: edoit - poor man's gnuserv

Ian Zimmerman <itz@speakeasy.org> writes:

> Some months ago, I expressed frustration here with the direction
> upstream was taking gnuserv, and the fact that the Debian maintainer
> seemed happy with it.  Since then, there has been a new Debian
> maintainer, but other than that nothing significant has happened.  So
> I decided to drop gnuserv altogether and switch back to
> emacsserver/emacsclient.  Of course, that left me without gnudoit
> functionality, so I wrote this little hack of my own.  Comments are
> invited, especially about potential security hazards.

Hi, I'm the new maintainer for gnuserv.  As such, I seek any feedback
and suggestions from users so that I can improve things.  Please could
you let me know what exactly frustrates you in gnuserv?


   I'm sure you'll be able to use this scheme to create totally
unreadable and extremely vulgar displays.  Have fun!
		-- M-x info gnus

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