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For a Few Goodies More

  Hi again,

  The Goodies strike back!  Now with added flavour!  For Gnus!  If you
are interested (and I'll bet you are), rush to Incoming and grab
whichever version of gnus-bonus-el you find...  Here's part of the
control file for the 1-1 version, but rest assured that I'll add more
Goodies to the next versions.

| Miscellaneous add-ons for Gnus
|  This package contains a few Emacs-Lisp files, mainly obtained from
|  the gnu.emacs.sources newsgroup, that provide various functions to
|  Gnus, the Emacs mail and news reader.
|  .
|  This package contains:
|   gnus-junk.el: semi-automatic replies to junk e-mails;
|   nnnil.el: empty, read-only backend;
|   nntodo.el: manage to-do items;
|   message-x.el: customizable completion in message headers.

  As for emacs-goodies-el, my prospective/ dir is full of new ones,
suggestions are welcome, etc.

  Have fun, with Gnus!

Roland Mas

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