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Re: A Fistful of Goodies

Have you seen http://cedet.sourceforge.net/ ?

Roland Mas wrote:

 Hi all,

 I just wanted to announce my recent upload of emacs-goodies-el 7-1,
with the following added Goodies (compared with the previous version,
6-1), bringing the total number of included Goodies to 29.

emacs-goodies-el (7-1) unstable; urgency=low

 * Added toggle-case.el (1.4), tail.el (1.1), df.el (1.7), egocentric.el
   (not versioned, taken on 2001-12-04) and initsplit.el (1.6).

-- Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org>  Wed,  5 Dec 2001 22:44:17 +0100

 My prospective/ dir is still full of *.el files, and I don't intend
to leave them there.  I also continue to roam the web in search for
new ones, and I continue to welcome suggestions.

 Have fun!


use Inline C => qq{void p(char*g){printf("Just Another %s Hacker\n",g);}};p("Perl");

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