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Re: gnuclient and emacs21?

On Fri, Nov 16 2001 at 03:55:53PM BRST, Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> wrote:
> Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel <rbp@isnomore.net> writes:
> > gnuserv-compat...done" on the minibuffer). But when I try "gnuclient file"
> > on a different tty (either different screen window ou another "real" tty),
> I only see that with gnuclient -nw file, which makes sense because
> Emacs can't attach itself to new ttys, but Emacs can.

        Do you mean Emacs can't, but XEmacs can?

> Do you have it
> aliased or something?  Or maybe you have it configured elsewhere to do
> that.

        Hmmm... man gnuserv:

       -nw      This option makes gnuclient act as a frontend such that XEmacs
                can attach to the current TTY.  XEmacs will then open a new
                TTY frame.  The effect is similar to having started a new
                XEmacs on this TTY with the ``-nw''option. It currently only
                works if XEmacs is running on the same machine as
                gnuclient. This is the default if the `DISPLAY'environment
                variable is not set.

        DISPLAY isn't set, I'm doing this on the console. So that might be
it? FSF Emacs can't attach itself to a different TTY but XEmacs can, so
gnuserv with FSF Emacs won't work on a console?

        BTW, can XEmacs then use "frames" on a console (something like "M-x

        That's sad... Does anybody know if there are any plans of supporting
that on GNU Emacs?

        I like GNU Emacs and wouldn't like to switch over, but I've seen so
much stuff working on XEmacs lately (and not working on GNU Emacs, or taking
longer to be implemented) that I'm reconsidering...

        Thanks a lot for your help,

 Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel                         <rbp@isnomore.net>
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