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Re: xemacs 21.4.3 nomule + MappingNotify event

 Dmitry>> Does anyone has similar experience?

 JL> I'd bring this up on the xemacs-beta mailing list
 JL> (xemacs-beta@xemacs.org).  I don't understand the issues enough to
 JL> help you with it, but someone there should.
Thanx a lot!

One more bit of info:

I use commercial emulator (vmware) to run win32 software under Linux. This
emulator acts as standalone X11 app which emulates a PC and it grabs X
pointer and keyboard each time I work with software running within it
("enter" it). I need to press special combination (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Esc) to
"get out" of it (emulator "ungrabs" pointer and keyboard). After I get out
of emulator, there are several events which my "xev" describe as:

MappingNotify event, serial 29, synthetic NO, window 0x0,
    request MappingModifier, first_keycode 64, count 13

XEmacs handles those events in emacs_Xt_mapping_action (w=0x843d430,
event=0xbffff52c) at event-Xt.c:865, which subsequently calls
x_reset_modifier_mapping (d=0x83e45c8) at event-Xt.c:462, and then
x_reset_key_mapping (d=0x83e45c8) at event-Xt.c:366

And x_reset_key_mapping wipes out my global-map :(

So question is: is it necessary to call x_reset_key_mapping from within
x_reset_modifier_mapping ?

	Dmitry Astapov //ADEpt (mail-to: adept@umc.com.ua)

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