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Re: number-or-marker-p

|> Do you mean `find-file'? I checked and found there is no such a
|> thing as `visit-file'.

Sorry---stupid mistake. I did mean `find-file'.

|> How long is enough?

It varies. But after a couple of hours the problem will almost always
show up.

I've set debug-on-error to t, but it hasn't reported anything useful

Further experimentation, though, convinces me that the problem
actually has to do with the creation of new frames. Everything that
produces the error involves that operation. File name completion and
the various help utilities involve that because I load framepop.el,
which causes all temporary popup buffers (completion, help ....) to
display in dedicated temporary frames.

If I learn anything useful from the debug output, I'll report
back. Thanks very much to everyone who offered suggestions,


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