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Re: xemacs 21.4.3 nomule + MappingNotify event

>>>>> On 30 Jul 2001 10:14:05 +0300, Dmitry Astapov <adept@umc.com.ua> said:

 Dmitry> Are there any xemacs-nomule non-English users out there?

 Dmitry> Does anyone have his global-map redefined to translate
 Dmitry> keysyms like (I use Cyrillic as example) Cyrillic_ef to "ф"
 Dmitry> etc?

 Dmitry> After upgrade to 21.4.3 I spotted new piece of code in
 Dmitry> event-Xt.c, which is in my opinion buggy and redundant. I
 Dmitry> were not able to track reasons for its existance through
 Dmitry> xemacs.org archives, and I wonder - does anyone has similar
 Dmitry> experience?

 Dmitry> This piece of code (function emacs_Xt_mapping_action) resets
 Dmitry> my global-map each time MappingNotify event occured. I use
 Dmitry> XKB for multilingual input, and my window manager (wmaker)
 Dmitry> saves language state for each window. Each time I switch
 Dmitry> focus between windows with different languages selected,
 Dmitry> MappingNotify event occurs and resets my global-map.

 Dmitry> Does anyone has similar experience?

I'd bring this up on the xemacs-beta mailing list
(xemacs-beta@xemacs.org).  I don't understand the issues enough to
help you with it, but someone there should.


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