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Re: Should files in /etc/emacs/site-start.d/ be conffiles?

Peter S Galbraith writes:

> Is the consensus that we make them conffiles if they contain
> stuff that is system administrators might want to modified, and
> is difficult to unwind from some other init file?

I'm no official developer thus I cannot acknowledge this proposal.
But I think it makes sense.  And maybe a paragraph telling maintainers
to put the "DON'T MODIFY THIS FILE" note that James mentioned into
non-conffiles should be added.

By the way, the debhelper manual page contains the following paragraph:

       If DH_COMPAT is set to 3 or higher, all files in the etc/
       directory in a package will automatically be flagged as
       conffiles by this program, so there is no need to list
       them manually in package.conffiles.

Does this mean that someday the Debian policy will require all files
in /etc to be conffiles?

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