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Re: enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el

At around 21 Jul 1999 14:44:17 -0700,
 karlheg@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu (Karl M. Hegbloom) may have mentioned:

> >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Waters <xtifr@dsp.net> writes:
>     Chris> karlheg@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:
>     >> It would be good to have a mode that uses Gnus and/or W3 to
>     >> facilitate bug manipulation as well.  I've thought only that it
>     >> should exist, and not much about how it ought to work.  Any
>     >> ideas?
>     Chris> I'm a little dubious about Gnus, especially since some may
>     Chris> prefer VM or something.  :-)
>  Ok...  I don't know how you can use anything but Gnus if you're on
>  more than two or three mailing lists.

couldn't resist :-)  another perspective:

i use wl (which also supports news) and mew (which should support news
soon) which work great w/ multiple mailing lists -- and there are
debian packages for both.


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