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Bug#843215: fwupd: Please announce supported hardware using appstream

On Wed, 2016-11-09 at 20:35 +0000, Mario Limonciello wrote:

> This is turning into a bit of a philosophical question, but why package
> flashable FW in Debian in the first place?

You may as well ask "why package anything for Debian?".

> Runtime loadable FW I entirely agree should be packaged so it can be
> loaded when appropriate.  Flashable however I fail to understand why
> the tools shouldn't be directly consuming binaries (.CAB files) and 
> processing them as they're needed.

For proprietary blobs, sure there is little advantage to being in
Debian. For anything that is Free Software, there are numerous
advantages, which are all the same as software that runs on the CPU.

> Yes, understand, but the type of thing that it would be better to have a
> ore proper frontend of fwupd integrated in the different (non-Gnome) 
> GUI's.
> Fwupd runs as a daemon on the system and needs to be pulling updated
> metadata and always checking against the devices plugged in at the time.

Yeah, like apt. I expect the right integration level here is PackageKit.
Beyond that I'm not really sure how the upper layers work.

> Isenkram is more oriented around apps for devices than for FW.

It is simply mapping between software (packages, not apps) and devices.
fwupd provides a mechanism for doing that mapping, which isenkram
should use as an additional mapping mechanism when available.



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