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Bug#843215: fwupd: Please announce supported hardware using appstream


That's a chicken and egg problem unfortunately.  This type of information is
dependent upon the machine that fwupd is running on and can't be determined
at build time.

Fwupd works dynamically with LVFS in detecting hardware that is supported.
for example even if your vendor doesn't post a UEFI capsule update to LVFS
today they may decide to do so a year later.  They might also decide to pull
the update later on as well.

If fwupd can be included by default in Debian I think a better experience can
be had though.

So for now I think it would be better for isenkram to do one of these:
1) Query fwupd for updatable objects if it's installed.
2) Check LVFS on its own.  The metadata is available here:

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> Subject: Bug#843215: fwupd: Please announce supported hardware using
> appstream
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> Please announce the supported hardware via AppStream. That will allow
> users that are using isenkram to know that they might want to install
> fwupd when they plugin a device that can get firmware updates.
> More info about how to do this is available on the wiki page:
> https://wiki.debian.org/AppStream/Guidelines#Announcing_supported_har
> dware
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