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Bug#843215: fwupd: Please announce supported hardware using appstream


> I was mainly talking about the devices that can be found in this file:
> /lib/udev/rules.d/90-fwupd-devices.rules
> Those are a static set of devices not determined at runtime.
> I guess for those, prompting the user to install fwupd is a good idea.

On the contrary, I would disagree here.  Those devices just show
information about the current firmware on the device from udev.  
Prompting the user to install fwupd just to see this information
seems like a giant waste of time.  The really valuable ones are 
the ones that you can actually perform an update for.

> > If fwupd can be included by default in Debian I think a better experience
> can
> > be had though.
> For proprietary platforms that seems like a reasonable idea but for
> fairly open platforms like ARM/etc, I would much prefer all firmware to
> be packaged for Debian and flashed using flash-kernel or similar.

Actually ARM platforms I think make a lot of sense too.  

Fwupd can perform updates for USB type devices (DFU & Colorhug) that 
can both be used with ARM platforms.

It also has specific support for Raspberry Pi FW:

> > So for now I think it would be better for isenkram to do one of these:
> > 1) Query fwupd for updatable objects if it's installed.
> That sounds like a good idea, could you file a bug with the details?
> I am not aware how that should work.

Actually in looking closer at this, this doesn't really make sense given
what isenkram does.  It duplicates effort from what gnome-software
already does with fwupd.

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