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Bug#1002019: debian-edu-config: /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs/ contain non-config data

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: important
Version: 2.12.14

The current implementation of host keytab exporting on TJENER bloats /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs unnecessarily.

Such transient data should not be collected in /etc/, a better place is /var/lib/<consumer-provider>/.

My suggestion is to add a code change to the gosa-modify-host hook script that moves this data from /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs to /var/lib/debian-edu/host-keytabs.

For compatibility, we will have to keep a symlink from /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs -> /var/lib/debian-edu/host-keytabs around for a while, but that should not "hurt".


22:22 < sunweaver> next topic
22:24 < sunweaver> about /etc/debian-edu/host-keytabs/
22:24 < sunweaver> normally, /etc is not the best place for these files.
22:24 < sunweaver> because, e.g. with etckeeper they bloat the Git of etckeeper (esp. with the current approach that those file change with every Save action in GOsa)
22:25 < sunweaver> I'd propose moving them to /var/lib/debian-edu/host-keytabs
22:25 < schweer> ok
22:25 < sunweaver> or is there a reason for having them in /etc that I could not think of?
22:25 < schweer> i guess not (iirc)
22:25 < sunweaver> ok, then I will propose a gosa-modify-host code portions that does that.
22:25 < schweer> ack
22:26 < sunweaver> I think it can be done via that file pretty easily.
22:26 < schweer> yes


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