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Bug#1002018: debian-edu-config: provide means to deploy a proper krb5.keytab to diskless workstations

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: wishlist
Version: 2.12.14

On a Debian Edu 11 network, NFS home mounts are only allowed via NFSv4 + sec=krb5i. For this, the user and the host need to acquire valid Kerberos ticket.

While the user can acquire their ticket via login (pam_krb5.so), the host needs to obtain two tickets (a host and a service ticket) elsewhere. This is normally done via two key entries in /etc/krb5.keytab.

Those host / service key entries are tied to the hostname of the machine, which is problematic on diskless machines (because the same system (chroot / squashfs image) can be used on several hosts on the network, with different hostnames.

The idea here is to deploy a specific (optional) hack on the Debian Edu network that will allow us to boot diskless workstations with support for NFSv4 and krb5i.

The idea outline for this is this:

  * add a "diskless-workstation-hosts" NIS netgroup to LDAP
  * let the admins put all their DLW hosts into that NIS netgroup
  * on host modification, gosa-modify-host will update a file e.g.
    /var/lib/debian/krb5.keytab_dlw; this file contains all
    host/<client> and nfs/<client> principal keys for all known
    diskless workstations
  * on DLW boot, root@DLW will be able to SSH into tjener (as
    unprivileged user with access to /var/lib/debian/krb5.keytab_dlw
    and copy that file onto the DLW as /etc/krb5.keytab at runtime).
  * on the DLW some more permission adjustments are required root:root:0600
    for /etc/krb5.keytab)
  * with this, NFS krb5i should work on DLWs just fine and we don't
    expose any information to non-root users on the network


This approach has been previously discussed with Wolfgang Schweer on IRC:

22:13 < sunweaver> so, I have an idea for diskless workstations (DLWs). Actually, two ideas. 22:14 < sunweaver> Couldn't we provide an /var/lib/debian-edu/krb5.keytab_dlw on TJENER that only contains diskless workstation keys? 22:15 < sunweaver> and we add a non-privileged user that can SSH from a booting DLW into TJENER and grab that file? 22:16 < sunweaver> That means we need to run adduser and ssh-keygen during chroot creation and deploy the SSH pubkey to <non-privileged-user>@tjener:~/.ssh/authorized_keys.
22:16 < schweer> the keytab file needs to be root.root permissions
22:16 < sunweaver> on the DLW (while booting) the grabbing of the keytab file would run as root and file permissions can be set appropriately after grabbing the file from tjener.
22:17 < schweer> ok, makes sense
22:17 < sunweaver> only, I wouldn't want to SSH into tjener as root. That would be probably worth a CVE then. 22:18 < sunweaver> question: do we have a way to identify DLW machines in LDAP? 22:18 < sunweaver> if not, I was thinking of adding a diskless-workstation-hosts NIS netgroup
22:18 < schweer> not out of the box
22:19 < sunweaver> so, my idea is:
22:19 < sunweaver> add diskless-workstation-hosts NIS netgroup in LDAP
22:19 < sunweaver> let the admin shove all the DLW hosts into that NIS netgroup 22:19 < sunweaver> on host modification, gosa-modify-host will update the /var/lib/debian/krb5.keytab_dlw 22:20 < sunweaver> and on DLW boot, root@DLW will SSH into tjener (as unprivileged user with access to /var/lib/debian/krb5.keytab_dlw and copy that file onto the DLW at runtime). 22:21 < sunweaver> permission adjustments will be done to root:root and 0600 for /etc/krb5.keytab (and with this, NFS krb5i should work on DLWs).
22:21 < sunweaver> what do you think?
22:21 < schweer> seems to be worth trying
22:21 < sunweaver> ok, will do...
22:22 < sunweaver> I'll try that in the field first and will then provide d-e changes. 22:22 < schweer> but then all DLWs must be added with GOsa, or am i completely wrong?
22:22 < sunweaver> yeah, sure.
22:23 < sunweaver> they need a krb5 principal (host + nfs) and that happens via creating the host in GOsa.
22:23 < sunweaver> (well, via gosa-modify-host hook, but yes...)
22:23 < sunweaver> ok?
22:23 < schweer> yes, please try it


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