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Bug#1002024: debian-edu-config: make debian-edu-ltsp-install more generic and flexible

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: wishlist
Version: 2.12.14

The recently added script debian-edu-ltsp-install makes a lot of assumption on the Debian Edu site setup and hard-codes various paths and such that should be more configurable IMHO.

After having tested various diskless workstation deployments in the field over the next weeks, I'd like to adjust debian-edu-ltsp-* scripts and make them more generic and flexible and configurable via /etc/.

The topic has been discussed last night with Wolfgang Schweer on IRC, see chat backlog below.


22:35 < sunweaver> ok, last topic...
22:35 < sunweaver> debian-edu-ltsp-install
22:35 < sunweaver> there are several hard-coded assumptions in the script (e.g. about folder names in /srv/ltsp, etc).
22:35 < schweer> yes
22:36 < sunweaver> I'd like to make this more configurable, possibly via a conf.d/ directory and run-parts.
22:36 < sunweaver> so, that one can extend the scope of the script.
22:36 < schweer> good
22:36 < sunweaver> is there any reason, why you stuffed all variants of a chroot (esp. X2Go thin client and DLW) into one script? 22:37 < sunweaver> I wondered if we should actually provide two different scripts for that. 22:38 < schweer> idea has been to have a self contained script which local admins could copy to /usr/local/sbin and modify it to their needs
22:38 < sunweaver> ah, ok. I get that. That's actually what I did.
22:38 < schweer> :)
22:38 < sunweaver> maybe we can make the script more generic and pluggable, so that adaptations can be handled via /etc/debian-edu/...
22:39 < sunweaver> or /etc/ltsp/...
22:39 < schweer> yes, feel free to do so
22:39 < sunweaver> whereever, but somewhere in /etc instead of in the script.
22:39 < sunweaver> ok, thanks.
22:39 < sunweaver> not sure how much of all the above I will be able to work on the coming days, let's see. 22:39 < sunweaver> deployment at the customer site must come first, but that's a nice test case.
22:40 < schweer> sure :)


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