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Re: Installation help request

On 6/21/21 1:57 AM, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
Hi Peter,

[ Peter Ehlert, 2021-06-20 ]
I just installed EDU using firmware-edu-10.10.0-amd64-netinst.iso on a USB

The installer is the traditional DI that I am accustomed to, but setup very
Yes. Debian Edu is a subset of Debian aimed at setting up a network for 
schools or similar organisations; the installer sports a profile choice 
page, and all needed information is gathered at the beginning of an 
installation. See the projects landing page: 
https://blends.debian.org/edu/ containing links to all needed 
resources, including the manual.

It detected the network and all seemed fine...
I created a 30 GB root partition, 10 GB swap, and a 50 GB home.
I deselected the other swap partitions for the other OSs on that computer. 
I did not install a boot loader by choice.
Installer complained as expected... I told it to continue
restarted and booted on my default Debian 10 Mate, then update GRUB.
I guess I don't understand your intention. Installing Debian Edu 
together with other distributions like you tried it is only supposed to 
work if you'd choose the 'Standalone' profile, see the manual.


First boot: I could not login as a user "wrong password".

anyway, I logged in as root.

the boot splash screen says it is fails to connect to the network
XFCE tools are alien to me, so that does not help.
All these issues seem to indicate that your choice on the profile page 
has been something else than 'Standalone'.

I made another install, same machine, fresh partitions.
This time I selected "standalone" and deselected the defaults.
It works and boots as expected.

I appreciate the guidance (RTFM)

How do I start?
Please read the manual.


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