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Re: Installation help request

Hi Peter,

[ Peter Ehlert, 2021-06-20 ]
> I just installed EDU using firmware-edu-10.10.0-amd64-netinst.iso on a USB
> stick.
> The installer is the traditional DI that I am accustomed to, but setup very
> differently.

Yes. Debian Edu is a subset of Debian aimed at setting up a network for 
schools or similar organisations; the installer sports a profile choice 
page, and all needed information is gathered at the beginning of an 
installation. See the projects landing page: 
https://blends.debian.org/edu/ containing links to all needed 
resources, including the manual.

> It detected the network and all seemed fine...

> I created a 30 GB root partition, 10 GB swap, and a 50 GB home.
> I deselected the other swap partitions for the other OSs on that computer. 
> I did not install a boot loader by choice.
> Installer complained as expected... I told it to continue
> restarted and booted on my default Debian 10 Mate, then update GRUB.

I guess I don't understand your intention. Installing Debian Edu 
together with other distributions like you tried it is only supposed to 
work if you'd choose the 'Standalone' profile, see the manual.
> First boot: I could not login as a user "wrong password".
> anyway, I logged in as root.
> the boot splash screen says it is fails to connect to the network
> XFCE tools are alien to me, so that does not help.

All these issues seem to indicate that your choice on the profile page 
has been something else than 'Standalone'.

> How do I start?

Please read the manual.


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