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Upgrade to Debian Edu 11 – DHCP, iPXE, LDAP issue


I am currently upgrading a Debian Edu 10 installation to Debian Edu 11
for testing, mostly finding the upgrade guide to work (with some minor
pitfalls, for which I am not yet sure whether they are documentation
issues or caused by local deviations).

But I found one major issue when upgrading the DHCP configuration for
iPXE: the dhcpOption LDAP attribute is not ordered. Thus, it is
impossible to reliably configure the iPXE options in LDAP, because the
`option space ipxe` has to come before setting and using any options
below that space.

Now, ldapvi, which is recommened in the upgrade manual, sorts attributes
ascii-betically when generating the LDIF, and slapd seems to retain the
order the attribute was written. What worked for me was doing the
editing in ldapvi, then letting ldapvi write the LDIF file it would
apply, and then manually moving the space option to the top in the LDIF
before applying it using ldapmodify.

However, the LDAP protocol does not define any order for multi-valued
attributes, so it is at best an implementation detail of slapd/OpenLDAP
which we rely on here.

Documenting in the manual that ldapvi must not be used, and rather
explaining how to make an LDIF file for ldapmodify with the correct
values, might work, but I will leave the decision what is the best way
forward to others…


Dominik George (1. Vorstandsvorsitzender, pädagogischer Leiter)
Teckids e.V. — Digitale Freiheit mit Jugend und Bildung

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