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Re: Problems installing Epoptes for "diskless workstation"

Hi Roman,

[ Wolfgang Schweer, 2021-05-01 ]
> [ roman.meier@gismap.ch, 2021-05-01 ]
> > I did more tests today with Epoptes on "diskless workstation". 
> > 
> > Service epoptes-client fails to start upon booting. The reason seems 
> > to be that the server certificate file is missing. I can manually run 
> > the following command on the client via console to fetch the 
> > certificate:
> > 
> > /usr/sbin/epoptes-client -c
> > 
> > Then I can start the epoptes-client service and Epoptes works fine.
> > 
> > I think the above should be done upon booting, right? How is this done?
> I don't have a test environment, so just guessing:
> Use a systemd service override file (inserting a line like the following one):
> ExecStartPre=-/usr/sbin/epoptes-client -c
> > Another question:
> > The Epoptes admin gui is missing on "diskless workstation". Therefore 
> > a teacher can't use Epoptes to assist the kids unless he switches to 
> > "thin client". How can this be added for "diskless workstation" as 
> > well?
> I guess the 'epoptes' package contains the GUI, so installing epoptes in 
> the LTSP chroot might help?
After reading documentation on epoptes.org, it is clear that rather the 
GUI on the LTSP server needs to be used.

So instead of the above guesswork:

On the main server,
- run 'ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 epoptes-client -c'
  to fetch the server certificate into the LTSP chroot.
- run 'ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 apt update'.
- run 'ltsp-chroot -m --arch i386 apt install x2goclient'
  to install X2Go client in the LTSP chroot.
- run 'ltsp-update-image'.

Log into a diskless workstation, choose 'X2Go Client' from the 
applications menu (needs to be configured if used for the first time: 
'Session' tab:
Host: (tjener)
Login: (uid)
Tick Kerberos5 (GSSAPI) for passwordless login
Change session (use Xfce instead of default KDE)

'Connection' tab:
Choose LAN instead of default ADSL

Mostly out of my head, steps might be missing/different…


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