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Re: Problems installing Epoptes for "diskless workstation"

Hi Roman,

[ roman.meier@gismap.ch, 2021-05-01 ]
> I did more tests today with Epoptes on "diskless workstation". 
> Service epoptes-client fails to start upon booting. The reason seems 
> to be that the server certificate file is missing. I can manually run 
> the following command on the client via console to fetch the 
> certificate:
> /usr/sbin/epoptes-client -c
> Then I can start the epoptes-client service and Epoptes works fine.
> I think the above should be done upon booting, right? How is this done?

I don't have a test environment, so just guessing:

Use a systemd service override file (inserting a line like the following one):
ExecStartPre=-/usr/sbin/epoptes-client -c
> Another question:

> The Epoptes admin gui is missing on "diskless workstation". Therefore 
> a teacher can't use Epoptes to assist the kids unless he switches to 
> "thin client". How can this be added for "diskless workstation" as 
> well?
I guess the 'epoptes' package contains the GUI, so installing epoptes in 
the LTSP chroot might help?


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