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Re: Problems installing Epoptes for "diskless workstation"

Hi Wolfgang,

I did more tests today with Epoptes on "diskless workstation". 

Service epoptes-client fails to start upon booting. The reason seems to be that the server certificate file is missing. I can manually run the following command on the client via console to fetch the certificate:

/usr/sbin/epoptes-client -c

Then I can start the epoptes-client service and Epoptes works fine.

I think the above should be done upon booting, right? How is this done?

Another question:

The Epoptes admin gui is missing on "diskless workstation". Therefore a teacher can't use Epoptes to assist the kids unless he switches to "thin client". How can this be added for "diskless workstation" as well?

Kind regards,

> On 04/24/2021 7:29 PM Wolfgang Schweer <w.schweer@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> [ roman.meier@gismap.ch, 2021-04-24 ]
> > https://www/debian-edu-doc/en/debian-edu-buster-manual.html#TeachAndLearn--Monitoring_pupils
> > 
> > The following line doesn't work any longer because 
> > /etc/init.d/epoptes-client can't be found:
> > 
> > ltsp-chroot -m --arch amd64 sed -i 's/test -f/#test -f/' 
> > /etc/init.d/epoptes-client
> > 
> > Any ideas, what's wrong?
> The documentation is outdated. Epoptes switched from init file to 
> systemd service file.
> I'll update the manual.
> Thanks for noticing,
> Wolfgang

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