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Re: Buster manual


You should know that buster soon will become oldstable and therefore also
the Debian Edu Doc buster manuals. Because of this, I have my doubts
whether this is worth the effort.
that and also because we would need to introduce new binary packages for
this new translation which is a no-go at this stage of the buster maintenance
             I can understand that. No issues here.

Personally, I think it would better to
focus your efforts on keeping the bullseye manual up to date and
the bullseye and bookworm (the testing release after bullseye will be
released) manuals after the release of bullseye. But maybe others have
different opinions about this.
             I've said before that my intention from the beginning was to keep the manual up to date.

- while there is some ambiguity whether packages for Portuguese from Portugal
should be called pt-pt or pt, there is no precedence (and tool support)
for having pt packages for "African Portuguese" and pt-pt for Portuguese
from Portugal, so I'm not fully convinced this is the right way forward.
(It might be.)
             This one I don't understand. After all, the only thing I did was to click a link. The project on hosted-weblate has the three entries Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Portuguese (Portugal) and all I've done was to click on the + sign next to Portuguese (which showed empty, just like pt-BR) where a label shows "Create translation". If it's a problem to have a version for Portuguese alongside the other two, I ask myself what the hell is that entry doing there.

- because of this and because we are very late at the bullseye release
cycle I don't want to introduce this at this very late state. We can
already consider us lucky if we manage to get new debian-edu-doc-pt-pt
packages added to bullseye at this time!
           Is there a sort of release schedule or timetable or whatever that people can see and follow?

after the release is before the release and bookworm
will be much better thabn bullseye anyway!
         It seems you've missed some word(s). I don't understand what you mean.


José Vieira

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