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Re: Buster manual

Oi José,

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 08:34:09PM +0100, Frans Spiesschaert wrote:
> > I've just finished translating the Debian Edu Buster manual to pt-PT.
> This is really great. You have completed a great job in a short time.

indeed! Kudos for all the work you've done!
> > I'd like to have a Buster pt version as well, featuring the pt
> > oldspelling, as we did with Bullseye.
> You should know that buster soon will become oldstable and therefore also
> the Debian Edu Doc buster manuals. Because of this, I have my doubts
> whether this is worth the effort. 

that and also because we would need to introduce new binary packages for
this new translation which is a no-go at this stage of the buster maintenance

> Personally, I think it would better to
> focus your efforts on keeping the bullseye manual up to date and
> the bullseye and bookworm (the testing release after bullseye will be
> released) manuals after the release of bullseye. But maybe others have
> different opinions about this.
I agree.

And btw, I'm also responsible / to blame for the decision to ship a
debian-edu-pt-pt package in bullseye and not a debian-edu-pt package, for
two reasons:
- while there is some ambiguity whether packages for Portuguese from Portugal 
  should be called pt-pt or pt, there is no precedence (and tool support)
  for having pt packages for "African Portuguese" and pt-pt for Portuguese
  from Portugal, so I'm not fully convinced this is the right way forward.
  (It might be.)
- because of this and because we are very late at the bullseye release
  cycle I don't want to introduce this at this very late state. We can
  already consider us lucky if we manage to get new debian-edu-doc-pt-pt
  packages added to bullseye at this time!

I'm sorry that your work on debian-edu-doc-pt will not be included in the
bullseye release. But: after the release is before the release and bookworm
will be much better thabn bullseye anyway!

So, thanks for your great work and please keep it up!

Obrigado! :)


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