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Bug#986122: debian-edu-config: user account setup via GOsa appears to fail according to (false) error message

Package: debian-edu-config
Version: 2.11.52
Severity: important

While testing mass user account setup via a CSV file, an error message is shown
stating that password change failed. (Please note that 'password change' is also
used if the password is set for the first time, this is GOsa specific.)

Same thing also happens if a single new account is created via the wizard.

Actually, everything is just fine despite the error message, i.e. the user is
able to log in, both Kerberos and Samba passwords are correct.

When separating Samba account creation and Samba password change, the error
message is gone. (Samba account creation can be done in tools/gosa-create.) 

This error message is supposed to confuse users quite a lot…


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