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Re: How to proceed with the Portuguese translations of debian-edu-doc?

Hi Wolfgang,

Wolfgang Schweer schreef op za 20-03-2021 om 00:42 [+0100]:
> [ José Vieira, 2021-03-19 ]
> > [ Frans Spiesschaert, 2021-03-19 ]
> > > In my opinion, a separate debian-edu-doc-pt package would have the
> > > advantage that Portuguese-speaking Debian users would at least be
> > > able to
> > > find the Debian Edu documentation in their usual spelling, even
> > > though they
> > > may have to settle for a spelling that is less common for them in
> > > many of
> > > the programs they installed.
> My concern is the package name. Common practice in Debian is to have 
> either pt or pt-pt, not both at a time (with the exception of 
> transitional packages, see myspell-pt and myspell-pt-pt).
> Also, the package name debian-edu-doc-pt would imply that the shipped 
> manual is a translation into recent European Portuguese.
> I believe the package name should reflect the intention to provide the 
> manuals translated into European Portuguese with old spelling.
> If the PO file would be renamed from »debian-edu-bullseye-manual.pt.po« 
> to »debian-edu-bullseye-manual.oldspelling-pt.po (same for the Buster 
> manual), a package »debian-edu-doc-oldspelling-pt« could be built.

I have already replied in an earlier e-mail to express my support for your
This message is just a reminder to not forget that when I uploaded the
updated translations from weblate this evening, I did not rename any files
and did not add any entries in debian/changelog yet, because I wanted to
wait until Holger had the chance after the weekend to give his opinion


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