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Re: Boot issue on older hardware using buster

Hi Roman,

[ roman.meier@gismap.ch, 2021-03-19 ]

> The test server I'm using has seen quite some tweaking here and there. 
> I'm not very sure if I didn't break something causing this issue.

That might explain it. I've setup a virtual Buster test environment and 
did the changes required to be able to choose a 32-bit thin client from 
the PXE menu on the primary subnet. Everything works like expected.

BTW, I'v updated the instructions on the wiki, see: 

Reason for the missing NBD image has been a to-and-fro change NFS<->NBD 
during development leaving behind a missing comment character in 
/etc/ltsp/ltsp-build-cilent.conf. On the command line, the additional 
parameter --squash-image overrides the wrong setting 
SQUASHFS_IMAGE="False" in ltsp-build-cilent.conf.
> Anyway, please have a look at the following log. Personally I can't 
> find something alarming. My experience is very limited though.
Thanks for the log file. I've taken a look but can't find anything that 
would explain the failure. Maybe someone else would find something.


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