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Re: [note] Some of weblate entrie seems reverted when wiki updates

Dear Wolfgang Schweer,

On 5/24/19 6:03 AM, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
Hi hoxp18,

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 08:55:52PM +0900, hoxp18 wrote:
I made my account on salsa, and now considering
how to send patches using Weblate downloaded .po.

Your account can be added to the debian-edu group and you can commit

I see, but it's seems to be some arrogations for me now, and,

I'm considering my work flow should be something like,

1. Basically use Weblate.

2. Watch debian-edu-doc commits on salsa to keep me up to date.

3. Make my local branch and create patch using Weblate .po.

I believe it is best to either use weblate or edit the PO file locally
and commit directly.

Mixing both methods is supposed to be error prone, I guess.

this your advice.

I'll stick with Weblate only, for a while,
using salsa git information to see what is happening in the
original English manual.

Thank you.

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