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Re: About Debian edu manual terminology, etc.

Dear Frans Spiesschaert,

On 5/11/19 11:57 PM, Frans Spiesschaert wrote:
On 5/11/19 2:02 AM, Frans Spiesschaert wrote:
An alternative is to switch to the new network interfaces naming
scheme: the release-notes for buster explain how to accomplish this.
See  https://ddp-team.pages.debian.net/release-notes/amd64/release-note

BTW the page at ddp-team.pages.debian.net shows only 404 for me.
I guess it it because I'm accessing from Japan or some other auth
and/or firewall related, etc.

Oh I see. I did forget to turn off text wrapping in my email
client and so the link got split up.

This one should be fine:

Thank you. It was me who completely missed that text wrap.
(and I tried accessing https://ddp-team.pages.debian.net/ -> 404)

I got the page. It's fine. It WAS fine. That was MY mistake. oh.

BTW, now, cables and another L2 switch are ready.
I can/will start checking the gateway issues, by gateway clean install.

(now I think it was just because of lacking LAN port side connection...
 anyway I'll try both methods you told me.)

planning something like this:
Internet -> primary gateway -> DHCP :gateway (amd64):static
                            -> L2 switch (
                             + Debian Edu main server (amd64)
                             + Debian Edu workstation (amd64)

Have a nice day.


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