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Re: Using Debian-edu together with Windows Multipoint Servers?

On Fri, Oct 05, 2018 at 05:50:38AM +0200, Csányi Pál wrote:
> Yes, we have Administrator rights on the Windows server machines.
> How can I set those machines up for Samba4 domain?

I suppose it should be done just like with the Karosh server (using the 
main server as an NT4-style domain controller).

Information is provided in the manual:

Add an entry with content 'server max protocol = NT1' to the [global] 
section of /etc/samba/smb-debian-edu.conf on the main server to be safe 
(just in case of Windows10 machines).

And in doubt, look up the information provided by the Samba folks 
(referred to in the manual)
> > Debian Edu doesn't provide an Internet content filter out of the box, it
> > would need some knowledge to set up such a service. It is possible,
> > though, to block Internet access for groups.
> I think it is good to block Internet access for group.

See the information about netblock-hosts in the manual:
> > So while it should be possible to replace the existing Karoshi server in
> > theory, it would need some work.
> I will try to install Debian Edu ( combined the Main server with the
> Workstation ) and try to setup Windows Servers for Samba4 today, if I
> get help on setting up MPS machines for Samba4.

Also, please see the network requirements:

And finally, please read the information about the status of the Debian 
Edu Stretch release:

Good luck,

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