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Re: Using Debian-edu together with Windows Multipoint Servers?

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2018. okt.
4., Cs, 19:02):
> [Csányi Pál]
> > We are currently using linuxschools, aka the Karoshi server.
> > It doeas allow the three Windows Multi Point Servers ( MPS's) to
> > connect to the Karoshi system. Karoshi server manages the users home
> > directories, the access to the Internet for thin clients connected to
> > the MPS.
> >
> > Can this feature provide the Debian-edu too?
> Can you explain a bit more what Windows Multi Point Servers is?  With
> some more information I suspect the good people on this list can give
> useful insights.  It sound like you want a simple file server and proxy,
> which is included in Debian Edu, but I suspect I do not understand the
> question.

Multi Point Servers ( MPS ) serves the 'Wyse' thin clients.
MPS are connected currently to the LinuxSchools Karoshi Server.

Karoshi Server is the Main server which allow for thin clients to
login to the Karoshi server as Samba users - I think.
So, when I created the users - students accounts on Karoshi server,
after that a student can login from a thin client - through an MPS -
so so the student can find it's home directory - which is actually on
Karoshi server.

MPS are connected to the Karoshi - Main server so so from thin clients
users can access the Internet too.

Karoshi server through Web Management allow to Filter the Internet
access among others.

My question is: can a Debian Edu Main server ( installed as combined
with a Workstation ) replace such Karoshi server?

Best, Pali

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