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Bug#670514: desktop-profiles: When open e session trough ssh and using tcsh as shell, we have some "noise" :

Hi Petter,

I think I know how to reproduce the bug: it appears when the cache
file (`/var/cache/desktop-profiles/activated_profiles`) is empty. The
`declare -x` ouptuts are produced by an `export` command without
parameters in `20desktop-profiles_activateDesktopProfiles` (line 373).

The commit https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-edu/upstream/desktop-profiles.git/commit/?id=d1507400fa16bcca92ab3033f6be169c5a986316
added the Japanese translation and also fixed this bug. Unfortunately,
the fix got reverted in

I suppose, 6796d6b03a0628ae3f9617cf622164f72cdd8cdd should be reverted
(d1507400fa16bcca92ab3033f6be169c5a986316 reapplied).

PS Sorry if I shouldn't add the email addresses manually – I'm still a
n00b in the Debian bugtracker. Please tell me if it's not ok.

PPS Does it make sense to also ask "Bart Cornelis" <cobaco@linux.be>?
He is the original committer, but has been removed from the
maintainers in 2013…

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Anatolii Borodin

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