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Bug#895294: debian-edu-doc: please document the switch from KDE to Xfce as default desktop

Source: debian-edu-doc
Version: 2.10.1
Severity: normal

After discussing this on IRC, just for the record.

Reasons for the change:

(1) KDE (and GNOME, too) have too big a footprint for both older computers
    and for LTSP clients.
(2) MATE is ruled out due to legal requirements for 'teaching material' in
    Norway (poor language support).
(3) LXDE has the smallest footprint and supports 35 languages (with poor
    support for nb and nn as well).
(4) Xfce has a slightly bigger footprint than LXDE but way better language
    support (106 languages, a lot of them translated to 100% or near that
    value; nn and nb: ~98-99%).

So while people are free to choose their desktop (documented in the manual),
Debian Edu as an international project will use Xfce as the default one.


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