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Bug#895057: RFH: ltsp -- network booted thin and fat clients

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

It has been several years since I've actually maintained a real-world
deployment of LTSP, and there are very few other active developers of
the project upstream. I have continued to maintain it in Debian as best
I can, and would love to see it continue to be supported in Debian, but
would really need some active co-maintainers to keep it viable

Right now there is an RC bug regarding support for the transition to
FreeRDP2 (which I've never used):


Of course there are a few other bugs in Debian and upstream.

The main source packages affected are ltsp, ldm, ltspfs and the
much-neglected ltsp-docs.

There's also ltsp-manager, currently only in experimental, which is an
attempt to simplify installation and management of LTSP environments.

Another source package is libpam-sshauth, which is a major piece of an
attempt to replace the deficiencies of LDM with a regular display
manager using PAM... this has long been on the plans for a next
generation LTSP, but hasn't gotten beyond the proof of concept phase.

I've CCed debian-edu in the bug report, as that project has some of the
largest active users of ltsp in Debian that I'm aware of.

live well,

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