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Re: arctica-greeter appearence (Was: [debian-edu-commits] debian-edu/ 01/01:release as 2.10.14)

Hi Wolfgang,

On  Mi 24 Jan 2018 10:42:23 CET, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:

   * tasks/desktop-mate: Prefer arctica-greeter over vanilla lightdm with
     GTK greeter.

With 'arctica-greeter' installed, the login background is a customized
(Arctica branded) blueish one with an uncentered (somehow left third of
the screen) login position; while the look is consistent, it's not
Debian related.

That is true. We need to pull in the arctica-greeter-theme-debian add-on package.

If in addition 'arctica-greeter-debian-theme' is installed (which rather
provides support for the active theme mechanism managed via the
'desktop-base' package) the appearence looks a bit strange as the
leftish login position doesn't really fit the background (both Debian
and Debian Edu ones) as these are designed for a centered login

I've installed the arctica-greeter on plenty of systems now (using vanilla Debian 9 theme and the Debian Edu spacefun theme). I have not seen any issues regarding the non-centered layout. Most of the displays here around are FullHD.

So, can you send a screenshot that demonstrates the issue? Please note, that I am also upstream of the Arctica Greeter.

Only thing for Debian Edu: as we ship OS name in the bg image itself, one could think about hiding the greeter's logo (the debian 9 phrase in the bottem left corner).

Maybe I missed some configuration option; Mike, could you comment on

There is no way to center the logon page. The greeter is designed that way (on RTL setups, e.g. with Hebrew locale, the login dialog is on the right screen half).


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