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arctica-greeter appearence (Was: [debian-edu-commits] debian-edu/ 01/01:release as 2.10.14)

>    * tasks/desktop-mate: Prefer arctica-greeter over vanilla lightdm with
>      GTK greeter.

With 'arctica-greeter' installed, the login background is a customized 
(Arctica branded) blueish one with an uncentered (somehow left third of 
the screen) login position; while the look is consistent, it's not 
Debian related.

If in addition 'arctica-greeter-debian-theme' is installed (which rather 
provides support for the active theme mechanism managed via the 
'desktop-base' package) the appearence looks a bit strange as the 
leftish login position doesn't really fit the background (both Debian 
and Debian Edu ones) as these are designed for a centered login 

Maybe I missed some configuration option; Mike, could you comment on 


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