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Re: Configuration settings of wicd daemon when adding lxde desktop environment on server

>> Quoting https://wiki.debian.org/SystemGroups:
>> "netdev: Members of this group can manage network interfaces through
>> the network manager and wicd."
>> So normally no one has to be added.
> Hi Frans,
> I’m not sure. I’m facing issues after doing this. I kind of suspect that I
> should have added all users. Upon logging in with any user incl. new users
> I get the following message:
> Unable to contact the Wicd daemon due to an access denied error from DBus.
> Please check that your user is in the netdev group.

Note, the netdev group access mechanism is a stupid idea that only work
for personal computers with local users and not for enterprise
deployment like we do in Debian Edu.  When the users originate from LDAP
or Active Directory, and you only want to grant device access on a
computer for the users in front of it, you can not add every user to the
netdev group.  In this setting you want to grant access only when the
user log in.

We started using pam-foreground, then consolekit, and these days I
believe it is done by systemd-logind.

I no longer remember the details.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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